Our history

Medipav is made out of competent and skilled experience from Experts who, since years, study and develop the best solutions to create industrial and civil flooring solutions, adopting innovative and “State of the Art” technologies. Medipav is recognized as the most dynamic and active Company in the Concrete Flooring Industry today: leader nationwide, Medipav provides both high technological contents and strong professional approach, Customer orientation and a solid application of internal Know-how. Focusing on a constant improvement, Medipav has strengthened Research and Development skills, utilizing consolidated International business relationship and very well tested partnership. Record of this experiences can be found with the Curecrete Distribution Inc, (USA) and with the Advanced Floor Products (USA), the first for the development of Ashford and RetroPlate products, the latter for the development of the Post-Tensioning Technology in partnership with major International Companies, and with curing of industrial slabs-on-ground treated with innovative hydro-oil repellent products. Our Offices in Europe.