Superflat floors

Tensoslab System, is a combination of different operational technologies: the overall System, the SXP-D Laser Screed concrete casting, the surface finishing with bi-helicopters combined with Dry shake, the surface burnishing with double engines burnishing machines, the surface densification using a mix of silicates and the application of resin based products. The final look of the surface will be a continuous monolithic slab, joint-less e free of waveing conrners, with a “terrazzo type” look, glossy, beautiful yet functional and performing.
Pavimenti Superflat

Tensoslab Superflat represents the ideal solution for Companies dealing with Logistics and with Wholesale activities based on electronic management of automated charts: modern Wharehouses need a very planar surface in order not the experience constant bumping effects to automated charts, peculiar side-effect of traditional floors. Safety issues, slow pace of materials, and all risky problems caused by traditional surfaces are by-passed and solved when theTensoslab Superflat System is applied. .