Performing floors made of concrete

A concrete floor cannot anymore be considered an secondary part of a building structure, but the central element to which the entire pipeline (Owner, building Company, Engineers, Technicians etc.) must pay attention to.
Medipav is the most reliable partner to create such important part of Your building process: total quality approach we follow, does match the highest standard of Your professional requirements.

Pavimentazioni Prestazionali in Calcestruzzo

Our quality standard on:

  • Slab projecting and floor execution based on project;
  • Classification;
  • Foundation strenght and sub-layers’ composition;
  • Concrete resistance ratio (Rck);
  • Consistency and exposition ratio;
  • Maximum aggregate resistance ratio;
  • Rebar and/or reinforcement requirements;
  • Concrete casting definition;

Pavimentazioni Prestazionali in CalcestruzzoPavimentazioni Prestazionali in Calcestruzzo

Laser Screed

Medipav utilizes in each and single job, State-of-the-Art technologies and modern hardware: the Laser Screed is a concrete finishing tool, laser driven, using a vibrating bar which eliminates air parts out of the concrete, air which can create dangerous air bubbles.
High daily productivity and real planarity guaranteed by such Laser Screed represent just two of the several features this hardware can provide on a job site.

Pavimentazioni Prestazionali in Calcestruzzo

Fiber reinforcement

Medipav designs and creates industrial slabs-on-ground using fibers reinforcement, and eliminating at the same time contraction joints, thanks to metallic and synthetic fibers installation. Such fibers act as passive rebar and do limit crack width on the floor. Concrete reinforced with fibers drastically reduces “curling” problems and steps issues between one concrete cast and the other.

Low thickness

Medipav has established a a new system which allows casting of low thick concrete structures (5 cm at least) highly performing thanks to casting on layers or on existing structures. Perfect solution for multi-level parking lots, for outside surfaces, for restoration and reinforcement purposes, and generally for locations where high resistance is requested.