Decorated floors

Pavimenti StampatiThe decorated floors offered by MEDIPAV represent a technological break-through which has radically changed the concept of “industrial slab-on-ground”, introducing a new aestethical idea and a wider focus on details.

Our Customers, more and more demanding when it comes to quality, select a decorated floor for its elegance and glamorous look, for quality of details, for a mixed new/vintage appearance, and because they can customize the floor based on their taste: a decorated floor has naturally stone beauty, and is resistant as a pure concrete floor.
Beauty and resistance, a prefect mix of look and durability.

The “print” is sealed on the surface after the concrete has been duly brushed with a particular set of products which create the coloured floor, increasing at the same time a proper resistance to abrasion.

From operations stand point, we forge fresh concrete with special stamps which, duly pressed on the surface, take the size and image of the stones, creating a beautiful “stone looking” surface in concrete.

Pavimenti StampatiPavimenti Stampati
After this operation, floor is sealed with resin-based products which make it resistant to oil, fluorescence, mud, grease, and grass.
Totally anti-dust, non slippery. non absorbent, its is perfect for any outdoor purpose: pedestrian streets, house courts, parking lots, commercial malls, pubblic offices, villages, etc.
The perfect trade-off between price and quality, design and colors wide choice, makes it the perfect solution for a unique and customized floor.



  • Preparation of the foundation with a double poliethilene lay all over the area, and with application of a reinforcment network,based on potential traffic loads of the concrete surface..
  • Concrete casting and concrete leveling coherent with UNI Rules& Regulations, adding polipropilene fybers.
  • Special products are brushed over the surface, based on colur setting previously chosen by the Customer.
  • Polishing.
  • Surface printing with chosen stamps.
  • Joint sealing and cutting.
  • As soon as the surface is hard, a full cleaning operation is done with spefic detergent and washing machines.
  • Sealing treatment with resin-based specific professional products.

Pavimenti Stampati

Pavimenti Stampati