Adapt Software



For 30 years, ADAPT has delivered leading structural engineering software, consulting services, and professional training programs to structural design professionals worldwide. From our headquarters in Redwood City, California and through our network of Associates and Authorized Distributors, ADAPT serves more than 5,000 customers in over 85 countries. ADAPT has an International Office in India since 2006, in Miami covering Latin America since 2009, and the ADPT Europe Office in Perugia sine 2012, thanks to a Joint Venture with Medipav, our exclusive Software Distributor for Europe. In 1983 the company released the first version of ADAPT-PT, its flagship product. Since then, ADAPT-PT has become the industry standard tool used to design millions of square feet of post-tensioned buildings. The result of over six years of research and development, in 2001 we launched the BUILDER suite, a fully integrated set of analysis and design applications for concrete design. The BUILDER suite is based on Modeler/3D, a graphically driven structural modeling tool using ADAPT’s unique Component Technology. ADAPT customers are able to use one structural modeling system, Modeler/3D for a wide range of structural types, dramatically increasing productivity while also increasing consistency and improving the quality of their designs.Adapt Europe is actually the most important Company when it comes projecting and consulting services related to Post-Tensioned strctures : hundreds of projects have been implemented in Projecting Houses, not to mention consultancy support operations related to bridges and buildings.