The industrial paving works at Fiumicino Airport (RM) have just been completed, after a careful preparation of the intervention area and the subsequent setup of our sliding shutter paver in November the paving works have been started.

For this process, Medipav started with test plates, and subsequently the mass production of the slabs began, a work of great productivity and precision.

  • pavimentazione industriale, slipform, casseforme scorrevoli, wirtgen, Aeroporto Fiumicino

The slipform paver is the ideal solution when it comes to making high-quality concrete floors of all kinds quickly and economically. The modular construction allows standard paving widths between 2.0 and 6.0 m and paving thicknesses up to 400 mm. The blade or auger spreader evenly spreads the concrete, while the advanced control systems of height and steering guarantee precise paving results.
The installation of the tying or transfer bars takes place, according to requirements, in a totally automatic way and without interrupting the operating process. The machine therefore offers the best conditions for the construction of large works with a high incidence of heavy vehicles, runways for landing and landing at airports and industrial floors subject to heavy loads.