Bologna Interport – Yoox Logistics Facility

At Bentivoglio, Yoox continues the expansion of the logistics structure within the Bologna area, destined to the storage of the products of the client companies, thanks to the construction of two new automated warehouses and the expansion of the activities in the existing warehouses.

For this important project, about 17,000 square meters have been built by our company. of concrete performance flooring.

Passalacqua Logistics of Termini Imerse – industrial flooring

Industrial paving works are underway at the Logistica Passalacqua Trasporti, in Termini Imerese, where one of our Medipavs is engaged in the construction of the yards and loading docks.

The flooring can not be considered an accessory of the structure, but the central element to which the client, and the whole chain of subjects involved in its construction, must pay the utmost attention.

Decathlon Perugia – Flooring made with the Post-tensioned system

Since the beginning of this year work has begun on the construction of the new DECATHLON store in Perugia, located in the industrial area of ​​Olmo (PG).

Also for this new opening, Decathlon has entrusted the execution of its floors to our company, leader in the sector of industrial flooring, which has employed its team of specialists for the realization of the flooring with Post-tensioned system.

  • Decathlon Perugia
    Decathlon Perugia

The Post-tensioned applied to industrial floors represents the revolution of the sector, the new concept of quality and professionalism. Medipav is the company that exclusively distributes the Post-tensioned system in Europe, called TENSOSLAB, developed with the partnership of leading groups in the production of viplated steel strands (sheathed) and leading companies on the market in the design and application of the Post-tensioned to great works (bridges, viaducts, interports, etc.).

Medipav provides complete advice from the design phase, to the supply of Post-tensioned equipment (accessories, control units, jacks), up to the final stringing phases.

The technology consists in replacing the classic armor (electro-welded meshes, metallic fibers, synthetic glass, etc.) with non-adhered (unbonded) type cables greased and sheathed, fastened to anchoring devices certified according to CE marking (compliant to European ETA 013 standards), drowned in concrete and Postesi with hydraulic jacks.

The flooring created with the TENSOSLAB system will therefore be scientifically designed, punctually controlled and guaranteed with the Postuma policy of partial or total replacement of the work.


Industrial floor Brindisi Airport (BR)

Another important result was achieved by Medipav, recently the industrial paving of Brindisi Airport was completed, in which we used our Slipform for the construction of the yards.

Thanks to the large size of the machine, in fact sheets up to 10 meters in width and length practically infinite can be cast. The sliding formwork technique also allows many other processes such as road curbs, roads, drainage channels, etc …


New industrial post-tensioning floor Tarquinia (VT)

Medipav is making an important industrial flooring work in Tarquinia (VT) about sq. 900. There will also be some circular pitches with post-tensioning. Finishing is expected with green hardener and subsequent Ashford Formula surface treatment, of which Medipav is the exclusive distributor for Italy, Tunisia and Malta( (post-tensioning gallery)

Pavimento Industriale Posteso – Tarquinia (VT)
Pavimento Industriale Posteso – Tarquinia (VT)
Pavimento Industriale Posteso (piazzole) – Tarquinia (VT)
Pavimento Industriale Posteso (piazzole) – Tarquinia (VT)
Sistema di Post-Tensione (piazzole) – Tarquinia (VT)
Sistema di Post-Tensione (piazzole) – Tarquinia (VT)

Prestigious industrial  post tensioning floor

Medipav is building a prestigious job of industrial post tensioning  floor of about 8,500 square meters in Malta. It is also expexted the application of the surface treatment Ashford Formula ( . Medipav is the exclusive distributor for Italy, Tunisia and Malta.

For years Medipav collaborates with leading companies in the industrial sector of the island of Malta.

We invite you to contact us for any information on the characteristics of floors postensione.

Medipav is in Bratislava

The Medipav’s specialists have conclude the realization of industrial post – tension floor in Malta and now are in Bratislava for another important work in post – tension with partners of Slovakia. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information

Great success at meeting Adapt Europe

The meeting which was held in Perugia Tuesday, May 7  was a great success. The participation has exceeded expectations, and the visit by Prof. Aalami (CEO of Adapt Software) made the day of intense work and interesting.

Adapt Europe Ltd. is set up as the most important structure at European level in terms of design and consultancy Post-tensioned structures: there are hundreds of implementations in design studies, thousands consultancy to support the design of bridges, buildings.

Thanks to all participants for their participation and collaboration.