Construction of a floor with a post-tensioned system in Belgium

For some months Medipav has been participating in the construction of a residential building in Belgium, creating the floor with a post-tension system for each floor

the highly specialized personnel took care of supervising the laying of cables, the reinforcement, the casting and the stretching of cables, in order to guarantee a work in a workmanlike manner.

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    Solaio post-teso

Specifically, the post-light allows, thanks to the possibility of creating structures with wider lights, to obtain buildings with reduced thickness of the slab and at the same time large areas without columns.
The control of deformation and cracking are some of the aspects that the application of cables allows to control effectively, contrary to what happens in traditional reinforced concrete structures.
The post-extension of slabs with non-adhering MEDIPAV cables has been used in various buildings and structures. The system includes stranded strands
individually and locked by anchoring devices.

The advantages:
• Comparing the slabs with traditional concrete slabs, considerable savings in the amount of concrete and steel that
it derives from the balancing of external actions exerted by the cables with consequent reduction of the cross-sections, more streamlined in their conception.
• Reduction of high elastic deformations out of plan compared to traditionally reinforced concrete sections.
• Excellent cracking behavior and consequently good protection of corrosion reinforcement.
• Unaltered operating limit state of the structure, even after considerable accidental overload, as the slots close once the load has been used up.
• Excellent fire resistance of the structure.
• Drastic reduction in the times of use of the formworks. After 2 days from the casting the cables are stretched and the floors can be scrapped on average.
• Campaigns with greater lights and greater architectural flexibility.
• Subjected to operating loads, excellent behavior in terms of deformability and total absence of cracking.
• Greater shear strength obtainable through an appropriate arrangement of the strands.
• Elimination of the capitals at the head of the pillars.