Post-tensioned joint-less slabs on ground

Post-Tension applied to industrial flooring represents the revolution in the industry, the new idea of quality and professional approach.

Medipav is the exclusive Distributor for Europe of the Post-Tensioning System, defined as TENSOSLAB, developed in partnership with prime Groups producers of unbounded strands and with leader Companies in the field of projecting and application of Post-Tensioning related to major jobs (bridges, streets, interports, etc.)

Medipav provides complete consultancy from the projecting steps to material supply, to Post-tensioning System (accessories, stressing jacks, etc.) Pavimenti postesi senza giunti

Such new Technology simply substitutes all other technologies (electric-sealed nest, metal fibers, synthetic fibers, glass fibers, etc.) with unbounded strands linked to anchors certified in coherence with ETA 013 and CE marked, poured into the concrete and Post-Tensioned with hydraulic stressing jacks.

TENSOSLAB system is based on engineering projects which define each peculiarity of the slab: foundation, loads, both dynamic and static, slab thickness, strands nesting, additional rebar and concrete characteristics.

Mix design is then defined, along with pre-qualification of the concrete factory, with mapping of each concrete pouring, and with the exact definition of the entire process.

TENSOSLAB is the solution to problems created by traditional systems, and allows to have joint-less floors, with no cracks, super-flat and slim, with a dramatic low maintenance cost.

TENSOSLAB is perfect for areas bearing high loads, small wheels vehicles,resyn finished floors, and in general for floors demanding high performance.


Engineering ProjectPavimenti postesi senza giunti

A Post-Tensioned industrial floor is determined with an accurate engineering project in each single detail, starting from the strands positioning, the placement of the rebar, and the organization and the mapping of the concrete pouring coherent with project details.

Preparation of the foundation and laser-controlled levelling

Accurate preparation of the foundation using a Dynamic plate, drafting the layer of sand and leveling with laser- control, allows to have a hard and consistent foundation, and a laser-controlled plate allows to have faster results.

Double layer of polyethylene and strand placement.

Once the substrate is tamped and leveled with specific equipment with very low error rates in order to create the necessary conditions for the isolation of the plate, the application of a double layer of polyethylene is necessary to create a slide that can isolate the concrete plate from the ground and to reduce the attrition in pre-tensioning phase.

Laser-controlled concrete pouring and punctual control of the creation process

During the pour of the concrete, the strand are located at a defined quota and kept united. During pouring operations, samples of the concrete are taken under examination to guarantee proper concrete requirements. Once concrete is fully poured, protected maturation takes place in order to have a performing fresh concrete.

Partial and final Stressing

Once the concrete has reached a determined level of hardness, cables are partially tensioned for the first time in order to avoid crack, usually between 24/30 hours, with a special hydraulic stressing jack, in order to avoid micro-cracking phenomena.
As soon as concrete will reach its typical resistance level (usually after 72 hours), the final Tensioning will be applied, so to confer to the plate the strength ability required by its project requirements; this System therefore reduces the joints by compressing, one against the other, the single concrete plates.

Surface Finishing

Once process and application of Post-tensioning has taken place, surface is treated and finished with Curing compounds, both Chemical and/or thermo-mechanical such as Burnishing and polishing, which can match hardest requirements in terms of surface performance.

TENSOSLAB system does represent, overall, the perfect investment for Customers who are looking for high standards in terms of floor quality and performance.
TENSOSLAB system provides the best surface for hardener, Polishing, Resin-based products application, any finishing solution requested.
TENSOSLAB is the solution, also, for any irregular shape requirement such as triangles, narrow rectangular areas, corners etc. as well as outdoor surfaces with complex construction requirements.
• No joints
• No cracks
• No floor waving
• Overall concrete and steel savings
• Better utilization comfort
• Drastic maintenance cost savings
• “Super Flat” floor
• Better look, cleaner image
• 10 Years Insurance Policy